2021 Will be a Virtual Year

“Prepare yourself for a year like no other because 2021 will be a virtual year,” warns the United Nations.

Following the unexpected events that have plagued 2020, a decision has already been made to have 2021 run as a virtual year globally. This will be the first time in the known history where such a radical move has been undertaken in an attempt to break up history and start life afresh.

The protocols for the virtual year have not been unveiled, but experts are working on them.

Several world leaders argued that holding 2021 as virtual year is a stop-gap measure to ensure that the events and happening of 2020 are cut off from the rest of the Century and we will not have similar disasters following us until 2099. “It is a small price that humanity should be willing to pay just to ensure that the century resumes normally in 2022. Even calendars for 2021 should not be published. There are many things that will be different but we wait for the full guidelines to be revealed.”

Even the New Year Celebrations will be highly controlled. Horologists have suggested that there should be no new year celebrations on January first. Instead, people are being encouraged to sneak into 2020 as quietly as possible, making no celebration or announcement of it until everyone has crossed over.

More to follow.

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