Waiguru Sends a Response of 60,000 Pages to Senate, all in Kikuyu Language

Embattled Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru has made his submissions to the Senate and clinched her first Victory before even saying a word. All 60k pages of evidence are written in Kikuyu!

In what could be a genius move powered by her lead lawyer who also happens to be her husband, Waiguru used the Kikuyu language since it is one of the official languages of Kirinyaga County. This has caught the Senate Committee flat-footed and they will need more days to get their house in order before they can commence on the hearing.

Of the 11 Senators who were appointed to the Waiguru Impeachment Committee, only two of them are Kikuyus and even those are not fluent in the language.  This means that there is a possibility that the hearing could go on forever.

Experts argued that Wauguru has already won the case. “This is a game well played. Waiguru is married to a lawyer and you people keep underestimating marriages. The Senate will need a few months to translate those documents before the hearing can start. But even if they succeed, the Kikuyu language documents will always take precedence since they are the original documents.”

The precedent set by Kirinyaga also means that should the Turkana Governor get impeached, there will only be one eligible Senator to sit in the impeachment committee.

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