BBI Proposes Capital Punishment for Insulting Senior Mothers

The Building Bridges Initiative has proposed a death sentence for anyone who insults mothers of senior people in Kenya, saying that the move was long overdue.

Speaking to reporters during the weekly media briefing, BBI chief architect Raila Odinga said that mothers hold a very special position in the society and any attempt to insult them is tantamount to a military coup.

“You know very well that most fights in schools started with ‘Your mother is a blah blah blah…’ and it did not matter what the person said. Even if the mother is a well-known witch, you do not let anybody call them a witch. This is part of our traditions and BBI will protect that as part of our national heritage.”

Asked whether this was in response to the recent cases where some politicians were known to mention a mother to a well-known Kenyan politician, the People’s President said that it had nothing to do with current affairs, but has been in the BBI blueprint from the beginning. “We are not after any specific person, but only trying to make Kenya governable and promoting the dignity of motherhood. This applies to all famous mothers, including grandmothers.”

Raila also clarified that the law will only apply from now henceforth, and may not be applied in previous cases that happened before September 2020.

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