Controversial Blogger Served a Cold Cup of Tea After Paying for Meals With Exposures

2020 has been hell on Earth for Mr. Tea Himuselefu Edgar Obare. After spending several nights in a police cell barely months ago, Mr. Tea caught himself in hot murky tea in a popular restaurant ArtCaffe Capital Center along Mombasa Road.

Sunday afternoon, Mr. Edgar Obare casually walked into Artcaffe Capital Center and ordered for an exotic meal; Prawns tagliatelle. Little did he know that the ‘tagliatelle’ will tag him in a tale so hot not to tell.

“I ordered the prawns tagliatelle. The food came and first bite it was quite delicious, so we are laughing and exchanging stories over the next hour.” He tweeted.

In the same tweet, the blogger alludes that immediately he finished his meal, he suddenly felt like he had a scratch throat and he was tearing up. The blogger blames the incident on his allergies. But is it true?

According to a source close to us, the writer is alleged to have eaten his stomach full and wanted to pay with 3 exposures, an equivalent of 3000 US Dollars. It was this point that he realized he had messed up big and the rest is evident on his face.

Several bloggers have come to criticize the incident citing the failure by ArtCaffe management to recognize exposure as a mode of payment given that only a month ago, they had called for submissions by artists to their new coffee cup designs and offered to pay them with exposure currency.

Bloggers association of Kenya (BAKE) has called upon the government and other stakeholders to recognize exposure as currency since many organizations pay artists and interns in exposures.

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