Alarm as Kenyan Teens Opt for Virtual Parents

Most people alive today grew up with omnipresent parents who were present and active, especially when you needed them to keep distance. The trend is changing.

Dozens of Kenyan teens are now opting to have virtual parents as opposed to ‘brick and mortar’ humans who are always hovering over their heads wherever they are. It is a trend that is gaining popularity and it is just a matter if time before 100% of teens go for the virtual parents option.

While the discovery is shocking for parents, it is something the teens always wanted and coincidentally, parents might have accelerated the switch from physical to virtual parents. “It is hard to have fun when you have a physical parent who will restrict your movements and use of technology. Virtual parents are more understanding and since they depend on technology to be present, they would not deny us the right to use tech.”

Other teens noted that virtual parents have no problem with where you are, as long as you are online and can be accessed at any given time. “I do not have quarrels with my virtue parents because even if I attend a three day party, I can chat with them wherever I want and they are OK with that. They can also easily send me money without having a form of physical contact.”

Parents now have to rethink their own existence or find themselves irrelevant.

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