National Anger Up 9% Fueled by Back to School Season

It’s that time of the year again when parents across the country have to face the harsh reality of paying school fees for their precious offspring. After enduring two months of hell at home, many parents are now feeling angry and irritable as they have to fork over their hard-earned cash to the greedy educational […]


65-Year-Old Dad Who Can’t Quit Sugar Wonders Why His 27-Year-Old Son Can’t Quit Alcohol

NAIROBI, KENYA – John Mwangi, a 65-year-old father of three, has been struggling with his sugar addiction for years. He loves to eat cakes, cookies, candies, and chocolates every day, despite his doctor’s warnings about his diabetes and high blood pressure. He says he can’t help it, because sugar makes him happy and gives him […]


Optimism Rekindled as 32-Year-Old lastborn Starts to Bathe Himself

A family in Doha, Qatar, can now breathe a sigh of relief after the 32-year-old perfectly healthy and normal son learned how to bathe without external assistance. The man who is believed to be the family heir had shown symptoms of slow development, but his parents started getting concerned after he turned 30 while still […]

International Social

Increasing Number of Adults Addicted to Cocomelon

A study has shown that 67% of all parents are now addicted to the popular children YouTube channel Cocomelon, with some even spending more time on the channel than their kids. In what experts refer to as the greatest parenting crisis of the 21st Century, parents are no longer parenting, but sitting back and binging […]


Alarm as Kenyan Teens Opt for Virtual Parents

Most people alive today grew up with omnipresent parents who were present and active, especially when you needed them to keep distance. The trend is changing. Dozens of Kenyan teens are now opting to have virtual parents as opposed to ‘brick and mortar’ humans who are always hovering over their heads wherever they are. It […]