Arsenal to Field all their Black Players against Manchester City, Hoping for a Black Goals Matter Victory

Arsenal will be fielding all their black players in their encounter with Manchester City today at Etihad Stadium in the hope that they can ride on the black lives matter movement to clinch a victory.

In their first match since the Covid-19 pandemic, Arsenal seemed hopeful that the new normal could be where it is normal for Arsenal to win, and they will not take any chances in their first encounter. The strategy is to ride on the Black Lives Matter movement and get their black players to score goals, making a statement  that they are also concerned about the black lives.

Using the hashtag #BlackGoalsMatter, Arsenal fans have been urging all the non black goalkeepers to show their solidarity with the BLM movement by allowing the black players to score a few goals, something that seems possible in the current wave of supporting the black people.

The team that was famous for always being near the top teams but never being the top team is also hoping that the Covid-19 pandemic will turn things around and take it back to the former good days when they used to win, although nobody who is alive today remembers when that was.

 Arsenal Coach Mikel Arteta said that the stay at home and lockdown period had proved to be very useful to the team “Everybody has been learning a new skill at home and our players have been trying to learn how to score goals. We hope to put this into practice.”

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