Museveni Condemns Bobi Wine for Sending Kids to the US

Ugandan politician, singer, actor, and businessman Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu better known as Bobi Wine has found himself at the center of controversy after he evacuated his kids to the US on the eve of the Uganda election where he is competing against the incumbent Yoweri Museveni.

Wine, who took the extreme measure after things got hot while campaigning found himself under fire for ‘running away when things get hot.’ “How can a man who wants to lead a country hide his children in the US? Why is he so afraid of chaos? We are a country of chaos and if he wants to lead this country, he must show some ability to withstand the fire.

His critics argued that his decision showed that he is a coward who cannot be trusted to protect the great people of Uganda. Even President Museveni weighed in on the debate. “He is a coward. Why should his underage children be afraid of bullets that I have been occasionally sharing with him? It is because they learned it from the father. Wine is a coward and Uganda has no room for cowards.”

The action has caused serious debate online, with many Ugandans questioning whether it is okay for someone who has faced various assassination attempts to prioritize his children’s safety. Nobody even remembered that when things got too tough for Museveni in 1986, just before ascending to power, he also sent his family to safety – in Sweden.

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