Uganda’s Government Voted World’s Pettiest

In a surprising turn of events, the Ugandan government has been voted the “Most Emotional and Petty Government in the World” by the International Governmental Emotional Quotient Council (IGEQC). This prestigious title, previously held by a small island nation known for its passionate town hall meetings, has now been passed on to Uganda, a country […]

Education International

Experts Worried that Formal Education in Uganda Cannot be Restarted

Schools in Uganda have reopened after nearly two years, but all is not well. In fact, nothing is good at all. It is now evident that education cannot be restarted because everything is working against education. The learners have changed, and their minds are gone. Uniform Problem A spot check by PostaMate found that 64% […]


Museveni Orders for the Arrest of his Tailor after Fitting Suit Gaffe

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has ordered for the immediate arrest of his tailor after the tailor forced him to wear a fitting suit during a recent trip to Dubai. The president who is known to be very conscious about the 80’s fashion was forced to wear a fitting suit made by his tailor, something the […]


Twelve Days of Violence Officially Kick off in Uganda

The 12 days of violence, tear gas, bullets and military action kicked off officially this morning in Uganda, with President Museveni promising a revamped version of what is was during the days of Kizza Besigye. The 12-day period which starts on the day just before the election is a rite that all Ugandans go through […]


Electoral Commission of Uganda Confirms that Results are Ready Five Days to Elections

The Electoral Commission of Uganda has achieved some efficiency that Kaizen can only dream of. With only five days to the elections, the Commission has reminded Ugandans that it already has the Presidential elections results ready, and is only waiting for the 14th of January to make things official. In a Tweet that was sent […]


Museveni Condemns Bobi Wine for Sending Kids to the US

Ugandan politician, singer, actor, and businessman Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu better known as Bobi Wine has found himself at the center of controversy after he evacuated his kids to the US on the eve of the Uganda election where he is competing against the incumbent Yoweri Museveni. Wine, who took the extreme measure after things got […]


African Union Accidentally Tweets a Congratulatory Message to Museveni for Winning the 2021 Election

A Social Media scheduling error caused the African Union to send congratulatory message to President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni for being reelected during the January 2021 Ugandan General Elections two months earlier. In the message, the African Union chairperson ‘congratulates the people of Uganda’ for holding ‘fairly peaceful and fair’ elections, adding that there are always […]


Kenyans Tired of Tweeting for Uganda

Kenyans on Twitter have given Ugandans an ultimatum to start Tweeting for themselves or simply leave Twitter and go back to sending smoke signals. In a collective statement that was issued by Kenyans on Twitter (#KOT), Ugandans were asked to start tweeting about their own country and not depend on Kenyans to run their Twitter. […]


Locusts Now Working from Home

In a classic case of ‘Set a thief to catch a thief,’ Kenya appears to be solving one problem using another, achieving a unprecedented level of synergy. This is where you turn your enemy against another enemy, then sitting back to watch the battle unfold. That appears to be the situation in Kenya when a […]

Governance Politics

Uganda Using Blockchain to Fight Locusts

The menacing locusts that are ravaging parts of Eastern Africa are proving hard to manage as governments desperately try all measures possible. Leaving a trail of destructions, the locusts have claimed many casualties including Kenya’s minister of Agriculture who was fired and decline in the GDP. Although in some places they might lead to famine, […]