Legal Profession Voted the Most Arrogant Discipline for the 78th Year in a Row

The legal profession has once again scooped the top prize for the most arrogant profession for the 78th year running, beating even policemen and witches.

In the annual awards for the most arrogant professionals, lawyers and their kind took all the possible awards, beating the politicians who came a distant second. To put things into perspective, the legal professionals were found to be six times more arrogant than policemen and 42 times more arrogant than the matatu (transport) industry in Kenya.

While the results were expected, it is a situation that continues to baffle many normal people who just love minding their own business. “How can people be so arrogant when they neither understand the Second Law of Thermodynamics nor understand the Germ theory of diseases?” Wondered one small scale farmer who is not into politics and institutionalized gossip. “Doesn’t it even bother them that someone wearing a horse wig on the head should not speak too loudly when our grandmothers with their hand knit caps are around?”

Unmoved by Covid-19

Not even the fact that majority of them still use Windows XP could help tame their arrogance.

Even with Covid-19 which led to closure of courts rendering many lawyers irrelevant, many continued to maintain their arrogant tone and looking down on other lesser professionals, in spite of the fact that lawyers could barely put food in their mouth. “They continued to speak fluent arrogance even when the law societies were frantically trying to scramble for coins to help them pay their rent. In Kenya, poor relatives in the village were also sustaining them by sending them maize and beans, but the lawyers in their impeccable suits continued to boast of their mastery of the queen’s language on social media.”

Experts opine that this is a problem that is likely to last for many years as it seems to be rooted in their DNA.

It is not limited to practising professionals only. Even law students continue to regard themselves as better than all other comrades, with reports that some of them consider themselves more important to the learning institutions than Music Professors.

The same award awaits them next year.

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