JKUAT Students Threaten to Continue Hacking Everyone if Unemployment is not Addressed

JKUAT students are back in the limelight after they ‘alerted’ NBCA that its system might need some improvement.

The students who were accused of hacking NCBA said that they did not steal the 25 million shillings as claimed, but it was just a ‘small invoice’ for the work of helping the bank identify the flaw in its system, which might be exploited by thieves.

But in a statement by a secret council of unemployed JKUAT students, the students warned that hacking was quickly becoming the only career opportunity available and they may be forced to use it if the government does not take them seriously by providing them with job opportunities.

“It is not something that we want to do, but we are quickly running out of viable options. If they continue employing people based on nepotism and tribalism and leave the most of us qualified jobless, we may have no option but to remind them that they are getting it wrong.”

Serious Warning

The students who have made the dusty town of Juja famous as a center for cyber-crime are hoping that their advise will not be ignored.

The warning has been taken very seriously by banks which now want the government to quickly provide employment because the country is becoming ungovernable. “We cannot tolerate these jobless graduates because they will continue paying themselves with your money. We are better off employing them and paying them peanuts, because that way everyone will have some form of peace.”

The University has not commented on the matter, but acknowledged that while their academic courses are excellent, they now need to work on building the character of their students to make them the best in the world.

The country now hopes that BBI will address this urgent matter.

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