QuickMart to Stock Husbands Beginning Mid 2021

The futile search for that perfect man could become a thing of the past if a local retailer makes good its promise to start stocking husbands starting mid-2021.

Quickmart, the fastest growing retailer in Kenya, has taken the extreme measure after customers kept asking for husbands inside their shops. So common is the request that they get five to ten request every day in each branch.

One of the senior managers at the supermarket told us the reason behind the new move. “We are keen on Fast Moving Consumer Goods, and the rate at which husbands are in need makes them fall into this category. We shall be offering them to our customers starting mid-2021.”

True to their words, the supermarket was found to have hug stocks of good husband material which it will be putting together to have the ready-made husbands. “We are known for quality and we shall be offering just that. The husband that you have always dreamt of is what you will get. They will even come with a five year warranty so there will be no need to worry about a deadbeat or a keg boozer.

He also added that the lockdown, social distancing, and restriction of movement had made it hard for people to find good husbands, hence the urgent need to stock them in their stores.

The management also revealed that they have already received more than 1200 preorders and by the end of the year, they will be known as the one stop shop for husbands. “We will give you what you need. One who has a stable income, watches football at home, loves picnics and slightly taller than you. Just share your specs and we will do the rest.”

Husband Guarantee.

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