Jeff Bezos Reveals Plan to Acquire Rwanda

American internet entrepreneur, industrialist, media proprietor, and investor Jeff Bezos has revealed plans to acquire a small Eastern African country called Rwanda and make it a private property.

This is the first time ever in modern history where a single person has sought to acquire a whole country and should the deal go through, history will have been made. The interest in Rwanda is linked to a general cool environment and a diversity of wildlife that has always fascinated the American billionaire.

The negotiations for the acquisition have started with reports that Jeff Bezos wants the deal fast tracked.

However, all is not easy as Jeff’s spokesperson says. “There is still a minor setback because this is outside the scope of all known international laws. We can work around this with money. All we need is to buy enough lawyers who will establish the principles to guide the transaction, after which we will move to the negotiations to agree on the price. It is a long process and we are looking at two or three years before the final transaction can take place.”

True Value of Rwanda

While Rwanda has a GDP of USD 9.5 billion and Jeff Bezos has a net worth of more than USD 190 billion, it is not a straight forward transaction as explained by the lead consultant for the acquisition. “We cannot just value Rwanda as the sum value of its GDP. We have to consider the land, property, wildlife and much more. When you put all this into consideration, the value could end up being even higher than what Jeff Bezos can afford to pay, and that is why it will be a complex negotiation process that will take months.”

Should the billionaire fail to raise the full amount that will be agreed on, there is a possibility that he might get partial ownership of the country, possibly a 51% stake.

While the sale process has already started, citizens of Rwanda have not been consulted about the matter and it was reported that the sale is a private arrangement between the Government of Rwanda and Jeff Bezos. However, the deal is likely to face no resistance from the citizens as long as the government is for it. All the media houses in Rwanda have also remained silent about the deal.

The African Union has also remained tight lipped with some members arguing that it will be an insult to the continent, and others opting to remain silent until Bezos names his price.

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