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Nigeria’s Tax Body Promises Eternal Life to Those who File their Tax Returns

The Federal Inland Revenue Service of Nigeria has promised to offer eternal life to those who file their tax returns before 31st March 2020.

In a surprise move that has baffled economists, religious groups and even God himself, the tax body said that all those who file their returns before the deadline will leave eternally in a special place prepared for them in Nigeria version 2.0.

Speaking to our reporter, the Executive Chairman of the FIRS Mr Muhammad M. Nami said that the move was meant to encourage more Nigerians to file their tax returns and participate in building the nation, while at the same time rewarding them for their patriotic act.

Asked how they would deliver on the promise, the chairman said that they will not only deliver on the eternal life just as they have always met their revenue targets in the last 12 years, but they will also ensure eternal damnation for those who fail to file their tax returns.

Long live Nigeria.

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