Governor Waititu Asks Senate to Impeach the Corruption, not Him

Embattled Kiambu County Governor Ferdinand Waititu, popularly known as Baba Yao, has called for a change in how things are done at the Senate following his impeachment by the County Assembly.

In a strongly worded statement that was sent to the Senate Speaker, Governor Waititu said that he did not understand why the Senate was keen on impeaching him, while the subject of the matter was corruption.

“The matter at hand is on corruption allegations. The Senate should impeach the corruption, not Waititu.” He said. “Even doctors amputate an infected toe, not cutting to pieces the whole patient. If the senators thinks that there is corruption in Kiambu County, let them come and we will work together to eliminate the corruption.”

He added, “The senators need to ask themselves WHY we are doing this, and why it is Y-titu being targeted.”

He termed the move to impeach him as both unfortunate and unfounded, saying that great leaders all of the world face such challenges, perhaps, alluding to the impeachment of his colleague and friend of many years Donald J Trump in the US.

It is not clear how the Senate would respond to Waititu’s argument.  A few senators who did not want to be quoted, as they are not allowed to speak for the senate said that Waititu actually had a point.

Asked what he has been doing since the court denied him access to his office, governor Y-titu said that he has been busy empowering the startups in Kiambu using his world renown seed accelerator Y Combinator.

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