LSK Orders Advocates to Provide Pupils with Transport Brooms

The Law Society of Kenya has come to the rescue of intern lawyers, popularly known as pupils, following a revelation that they have been getting the short end of the stick on matters of transport.

Following complaints from advocates who cannot stand to see a pupil earning a salary of KShs 18,000 (before statutory deductions) use ride-hailing apps, LSK has now ordered advocates to offer brooms to their pupils to allow them to move around seamlessly.

“Our court system is collapsing because cases are not being filed on time and documents are taking longer to reach the relevant parties. Some are even getting lost on the way. We want the pupils to fly, just like their masters. Give them brooms.”

LSK said that brooms would make pupils more consistent in their work. “Let them take brooms to complement the other part of their work. Why should pupils appear like they are the innocent ones in the profession? We want them to be bold as they hunt for clients.”

Pupil’s Reaction

While some pupils welcomed the new-found status, the brightest amongst them questioned the whole circus. One pupil from Kisii County said that he is afraid of being burnt to death in old age when photos of him as a pupil surface when he is 90 years old.

However, LSK said that the concerns are only based on superstition and that the new transport code will be sustained, terming it unique and innovative. “Even primary school pupils have yellow buses. We also want something distinct – a little rustic – for our pupils. They will ride brooms.”

In addition to riding brooms, pupils will be required to wear pointy hats while running errands.

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