Lorry Carrying Employment Opportunities Overturns in Mlolongo

A truck filled with tons of employment opportunities and jobs has overturned in Mlolongo causing a nasty traffic snarl-up on both sides of the highway. Although the exact cause of the accident hasn’t been established, first responders on site have speculated that the driver could have been distracted by the bridge construction alongside Mombasa Road. A representative from the China Who He Ltd currently carrying out the construction declined to comment. An inspection of the bill of lading however indicated cargo list inconsistent with the cargo onboard. Over lading hasn’t been ruled out.

Police officers in the area have had a hard time controlling a group of youth that has been trying to loot the jobs now strewn all over the tarmac. Henchmen and enforcers from the local Soko-Rescue Team- Mlolongo Chapter have been also been deployed at the scene of the accident to assist the police in cordoning off the area and preventing the jobs from being looted. A resident from the area has described the scene as something he has never seen since the mid-80s although he was born in the 90s.

Man with empty bottles runs towards employment opportunities strewn all over the road. Some of the earlier witnesses to the accident are said to have filled their containers with the loot. – Photo Jessica Pamp

“Until such a time the authorities are equipped to ascertain the volatility of the jobs, certified geezers are the only people currently allowed near the now almost flaming truck.” Said the Mlolongo Tragic commandant Inp. Kariukey Kiture.

The accident has caused a traffic snarl up on Mombasa road as far as the eye can see. This, some have claimed has put Mombasa Road at risk of being grabbed by some cartels due to it being a certified parking lot.  The National Transport CEO guy in charge of Nationally transporting things (NTCNTT) has advised against all non-essential travel to Kitengela town. People going to Mombasa have been advised to use the Nairobi national park and that anybody that makes it past the lions is welcome to use the SGR.

At the time of going to press, the number of jobs lost was estimated to be between somewhere between five casual jobs to seventy five thousand. The driver of the lorry who was strictly under instructions together with his band of hitch hikers are nowhere to be found as they escaped through their initiative immediately the lorry rammed into the bridge being built.

Elsewhere five suspects arraigned at the Kibera Law Courts for attempted bribery have plead not guilty. Their case will be heard again in 5 years, the director of public prosecutions has been granted permission to hold them in custody as they investigate further.

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