Buhari: Solution to Police Brutality is more Police Brutality

As young Nigerians continue to protest against police brutality, the government thinks that the solution to protests against police brutality is more police brutality. In what turns out to be the most efficient way of dealing with protesters, the Nigerian government has realized that killing all protesters would lead to the immediate end of protests […]

Governance International

Britain Considering Recolonization of Nigeria after 60 Years of Failed Independence

Nigeria could be handed back to its colonial masters – the British – after 60 years of independence failed to produce anything more than jollof and a unhealthy obsession with North America. In what would be the first case of a country losing independence because they were better off without it, Britain is considering resuming […]


Crime Rate in Lagos Falls Drastically after Police go on Strike

Lagos city of Nigeria has seen a sharp decline in crime rate after law enforcement officers went on strike, raising questions on the role of police in causing crime. For two weeks now, cases of muggings, robbery with violence, break-ins and the regular kidnappings have dropped to near zero. Even the aggressive drivers who are […]

International Religion

Holy Communion on Zoom Goes Terribly Wrong

Churches in Nigeria hold the biggest regular institutional gatherings in the country. This is in form of Sunday services, Bible study meetings, prayer groups and other meetings. However, Covid-19 has led to a ban on all public gatherings and every institution has sought a way to continue some form of operations. Churches all over the […]

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Nigerian Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Launches his own 6G Network that does not Kill People

The Nigerian Televangelist, 5G iconoclast and pseudo-scientist Chris Oyakhilome has finally decided to walk the talk and lead by example. After days of warning a deaf world that Covid-19 is caused by 5G networks without success, he has gone ahead to launch his own network that does not spray people with virus or give the […]


Kenyans Ranked as the Worst Bullies on Twitter by UN body

A survey by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) has ranked Kenyans as the worst bullies on Twitter. In the survey which Kenya tops and Canada comes last at position 171, Kenyans excelled in their ability to come together and attack their common enemies, as well as deconstructing both real and perceived […]