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Nigerian Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Launches his own 6G Network that does not Kill People

The Nigerian Televangelist, 5G iconoclast and pseudo-scientist Chris Oyakhilome has finally decided to walk the talk and lead by example.

After days of warning a deaf world that Covid-19 is caused by 5G networks without success, he has gone ahead to launch his own network that does not spray people with virus or give the New World Order a chance – the 6G network.

The network that was launched at his corporate headquarters, LoveWorld Incorporated, was lauded as the game changer for data communication, promising speeds 50 times faster than those of 5G at only a sixth of the cost, but more importantly, without getting nobody killed. It will combine all types of signals, allowing for simultaneous transmission of mobile, data, TV and radio signal in one network. As if that is not enough, it will be compatible with all types of electronics, from feature phones, desktop computers, microwaves and cars, thus forming the Internet of Everythings (IoE).

It is a move that is meant to take Bill Gates head on and with one blow, do away with vaccines and the so-called New World Order. The pastor said that he was optimistic that he could get the new technology rolled out in Africa within 40 days, and the rest of the world in staggered phases as he was busy with ministry work.

He said, “We are going to see the 6G network being used by all people in the world within the next one year. It is based on electromagnetic induction, thus allowing any compatible device to act as a receiver and transmitter and create a giant peer to peer network all over the world. No need for those 5G towers you see everywhere.”

“We expect the deployment to start at Christ Embassy and see the network spread all over Africa like wind, powered by my own words. This will also see all people come to believe in the power of Believers’ Loveworld and cut the antichrist to size before he gets too far,” he added.

This is the first time that a person with zero scientific knowledge has beat all the scientist to create the next big thing. Already, the US and China are desperate to get the technology and have sent high level delegations to Nigeria in order to secure a partnership.

With the 6G network, Covid-19 is expected to come to an end abruptly.

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