Kagwe Threatens to Forcefully Vaccinate all Kenyans by Drone Strike

Health CS Mutahi Kagwe has threatened to vaccinate all Kenyans through drone strikes if Kenyans do not take his vaccination threats seriously.

Speaking after Kenyans failed to heed the government’s vaccine mandate, Kagwe said that it was time that drones armed with vaccine launchers were dispatched for mass vaccination in all parts of Kenya, starting with the densely populated areas.

“We will be targeting the unvaccinated with the novel vaxfire technology using drones. Using special drones, we will identify all the unvaxed and forcefully fire the vaccine to them. This is a high precision technology that has been tested in wildlife and we can use it to achieve a 100% vaccination before any other country. This will be my legacy.”

Kagwe further added that using blockchain and machine learning, the technology has the ability to identify anti-vaxxers and dedicate more resources to them. “Those who think they are smart should know that we are smarter. Our technology will deliver the vaccine whether you like it or not.”

The drones fitted with vaxfire technology can fire vaccines at a rate of 600 injections per minute from a specially designed vial that can be reloaded remotely. With 47 drones, Kenya will be able to administer 1.6 million doses per hour and 3.3 million doses a day, assuming a normal civil servant working day of 2 hours. 

The move to vaccinate all Kenyans is meant to reduce the number of deaths caused by Covid-19. Increase in Covid related fatalities has threatened to affect Kenya’s loan repayment program as taxpayers of prime age end up not participating in national debt repayment.

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