Tanzanians now Walking from Home

The whole world is working from home, but in Tanzania, they are fighting Covid-19 using strategies never seen before.

President John Pombe Magufuli has ordered all Tanzanians to immediately start walking from home and doing what matters to build the nation. In an address to the nation, Magufuli urged all people to take the government instructions of walking from home seriously as this was the sure way to beat Covid-19.

“We are living in strange times when the future of this republic depends on taking extraordinary steps. We urge all people in Tanzania to consider walking from home and getting busy in building the nation,” said the president. “Sitting at home and doing nothing is the fastest way to die and we will not sit and watch as Tanzanians die.”

He added that throughout history, men and women have achieved a lot by simply walking from home and doing what needed to be done. He cited his own case when he walked from home and went to school, or when his grandmother walked from home and went to the farm in order to provider for her family.

President John Pombe, whose name when loosely translated to English is President Johnnie Walker, is no stranger to walking from home, and hopes that Tanzanians will emulate him and take the steps to beat Covid-19. Currently, Tanzanians are ‘doing the five’ as ordered by Magufuli, which are:

  • Walk from home
  • Walk at a safe distance
  • Walk hands
  • Cover your walk
  • Sick? Walk ahead.

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