How Tanzania Eliminated Covid-19

Very few countries in the world have managed to eliminate Covid-19. Some like New Zealand did it through precision targeting and isolation, and others like Taiwan have an army of epidemiologists who won the war. But it is the unique case of Tanzania that has gotten the world talking.

The strategy

Tanzania managed to beat Covid-19 under the leadership of his Wisdomness John Pombe Magufuli. In just a few months cases dropped to zero and all movement restrictions were lifted. Schools reopened and everything went back to normal. Today we take a look at the great wisdom of John Magufuli and how he managed to show the World that Africa can do it.


Tanzania knew very well that the villain in this story was testing. As long as you keep testing, you will keep getting cases and if you stop testing, no one can claim to have corona because no one has ever seen that virus.

It is a strategy that can be replicated almost everywhere.

Social Distancing

Social distancing is key to preventing transmission of Covid-19. Tanzania realized this early enough and did what was necessary. The minister of health was social distanced from his job and that was one problem solved. The head of the National Health Laboratory was also forced to social distance from his job.

In their place, they were replaced by people who were better at not finding the virus.


One of the things the world has gotten used to is use of sanitizers. Everything needs to be sanitized, and one main thing that the world has been missing is the mind.

Tanzania realized that the mind needed to be sanitized against the many possible ideas of having Covid-19. Dr Magufuli took this role and through science and tricks, he managed to sanitize the minds of Tanzanians against Covid-19.

Current Situation

At the moment, Tanzanians are living their best life now. One of the main duties of every citizen is to avoid showing signs of the disease which is not in the country.

Consequently, many are working hard not to cough in public and you will often see them with very red eyes as they act normal. Those having a normal cough have to remind themselves that it is just a normal cough and nothing else. If you have difficulties breathing, all you need to do is breathe harder and ‘act like a man.’

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