William Ruto Claims that the Lookalike Uhuru Kenyatta Could be the Actual Uhuru

A man who looks like President Uhuru Kenyatta has surfaced in Umoja and as the details about him continue to emerge, Kenyans are not sure who the real president is. In fact, it seems like the lookalike looks like Uhuru more than the president looks like himself. It is mind baffling.

Kenyans have expressed concerns that Michael Njogo Gitonga could be the actual president they voted for in 2017, or could even be sharing the role Uhuru giving the president the much needed break to rest and also mingle with ordinary citizens incognito.

Adding to the debate is Deputy President William Ruto who now claims that from the evidence available, Michael Njogo is the actual Uhuru Kenyatta and his absence from the government is the reason why the Jubilee government is in trouble. Ruto says that he was not very keen on who was in the ballot because they were not friends anyway.

It turns out now that Kenyans will never be sure who the actual president is.

Glaring Evidence

From the interview we had with him, it seemed that the coincidences are too many. In fact, we can talk of well-planned coincidences.

For his lifestyle, Njogo is a president in every way. He talked about how he is a family man and how he is concerned about the welfare of his fellow housemates. He narrated how he recently issued an executive order transferring the family budget division from his wife after he was forced to close his business. Even in the midst of what is happening in Kenya, he believes that we will pull through irregardless.

And that is not all. The good Michael admitted that his business is seriously in debt and he was looking forward to get intervention from an overseas partner to push through his Big 4 agenda of educating his children, employing more people, staying in good health and increasing his productivity. He is also not happy with people who are trying to sabotage his legacy project of trying to live peacefully in Umoja.

Eyebrows were also raised when he mentioned that he is not in good terms with his business partner, who coincidentally, they started the bar together after almost being jailed for some undisclosed offenses.

Asked about his future plans, it quickly emerged that Njogo does not have much plans and he will never retire from business.

Should we also mention that he has a personal tailor?

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