JSC Commissioners Focusing on Per Diems Since CJ Interviews Won’t Matter

As the interviews for the next Chief Justice continue, the JSC commissioners tasked with identifying the best candidates have expressed their satisfaction with their allowances since it is the only thing that matters.

Although it is a well known secret that the next Chief Justice will be determined by forces bigger than a JSC interview panel, it is good for the country to go through the set process since it has immense benefits.

Commissioners who spoke to PostaMate said that although Kenyans can see the absurdity of the whole process, it will still serve as a wholesome entertainment for the next ten days.

“We are dominating the news cycles and journalists won’t have to work hard to get enough content for the next two weeks. Kenyans have also gotten a chance to forget about the IMF loans. We also get our per diems. It is a win-win situation.”

However, one commissioner was of a contrary opinion, arguing that they are not just after the per diems.

“To be honest, it is not just the per diems. The tea is also good. However, tea does not last and you cannot carry it out of this room. So yes, only the per diems will matter.”

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