Parent Sues International School after Child Scores 96 Marks in KCPE

A Kenyan parent has moved to court after his son scored 96 marks in the just announced KCPE results, although the son was in an international school.

The irate parent had spent a fortune educating his son in one of the leading schools in Kenya, in the hope that he would score ‘good’ marks and possibly end up in Alliance. He had opted for the Kenyan curriculum because it would allow the son to join Alliance.

This never was, and as George Magoha announced the 2020 KCPE results which was done in 2021, the child scored 96 marks.

“Statistically, one should get at least 100 marks from the 400 marks that involve multiple choices. Even a blindfolded monkey should be able to randomly score 100 marks if it knows how to mark those papers. How did my son score 96 marks out of the possible 500? It’s like my son scored a zero. This is a statistical impossibility.”

The parent moved to court arguing that the school should at least guarantee some minimum marks owing to the amount of money the parents spend in school fees. “You cannot be paying Shs 750,000 a year for your child to score 96 marks. I should just have taken them to Thogoto Primary School where the Shs 7,100 per year works.”

Reached for comments, the school management said that they cannot comment on the performance of individual students without the parent’s consent. However, the director added that even a good school cannot compensate for a strong genetic predisposition to failure.

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