TikTok Users Likely to Underperform at Work

It is now clear that TikTok users are the least productive people at work today.

Use of TikTok has been found to be related to low productivity at work, serial missing of deadlines, having the attention span of a fruit fly and basically having zero completed projects at work place.

Social scientists do not understand why TikTok is attractive to people who are not successful anywhere else, although it is likely that it attracts people who are in need of instant gratification. Such people are usually very unproductive because they lack the ability to focus on long term things – a necessary skill to productivity.

The reality of this was evident in India where after banning TikTok a few days ago, not even a single productive person complained. Those who went ahead to protest are the same people who had been complaining about everything in general and crying about how hard life is, and wondering why people have to work for even a single minute in life.

There are a few people who have an established career using TikTok, but these are also people who would not succeed anywhere else. “They are more of an exception than the norm.” Said a 49-year-old white male.

“We cannot say that they are an exception since they are making it in life. It is just that social media has a way of giving a second chance to people who would not amount to anything in life if we went back to the old ways of farming, hunting and gathering.”

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