Psychiatrists Confirm that People Who Wish You a Happy New Month are Perfectly Okay

Psychiatrists have clarified that there is nothing wrong with wishing people a Happy New Month, contrary to the narrative peddled around by some woke netizens.

“Some people think that wishing people a happy new month is taking unserious matters too far, but we can confirm that this is perfectly OK. When they say happy new month, they could simply be thanking God for a new pay slip or simply celebrating another month of income. Others could just be happy that they have something to say after a month of silence. It is perfectly normal.”

This calls for people to stop looking down on wishes for a happy new month because we live and die by the month. “Even if you are not interested in being wished a happy new month, it is something you can tolerate just as you tolerate other real and perceived foolishness. At worst, you can just ignore and move on like you did not notice the new month.”

Besides, if you think Happy New Year is rational, then going down lower to another level is not stretching reality too far. The people who wish you a happy new month are actually as intelligent as the ones who do not.

Happy New Month.

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