‘Side Chick didn’t Violate Basic Structure Doctrine of Relationship’ – Boyfriend Claims

A man in his late twenties (not a Subaru driver) is having difficulties convincing his girlfriend that the side chick he has been having did not affect the basic structure of his relationship.

Things started going south for the man (who is not from the lake region) when he was captured on live TV in the company of an unidentified female friend during a sporting event. The girlfriend never got to see it, but word spread round when screenshots were shared. This prompted the girlfriend to investigate.

Phone Trail

The irate girlfriend simply walked to the man’s house, and demanded to check his phone. She asked the man to unlock his phone for a forensic audit, something which he could refuse, but had no reason to decline without raising further suspicion. He complied.

The side chick in question had her name saved by full names, because saving them as ‘mechanic’ or ‘Kevo Kinyozi’ is an outright give away. This is because such people never text, and a text from the mechanic would be very suspicious. Someone saved by their full names would easily pass for a work mate or just a profession acquaintance.

But the girlfriend had already done the homework. She did not look through the messages and other chats. She just keyed a phone number that she had in mind and sure enough, the contact was in the phone. The girlfriend had won the first round.

She went to the messages but there was no previous conversation. She checked WhatsApp and there was nothing. The man had won this round.

At a score of 1:1, the game went on.

The lady called the number and a warm voice quickly answered ‘hello dear.’ She hung up quickly.

The man was about to start explaining, but that was not enough evidence. Next, the lady searched for her own name in the WhatsApp messages, and a can of worms opened.

The messages that popped up were from the man’s friends, asking him if she knew about it yet, if she was planning to leave her, and asking who was the preferred one between her and the suspected side chick. The game was over.

Basic Structure Doctrine

It was at the point that the man decided to settle the matter once and for all.

The man told the lady that her relationship with the girl should not be taken seriously, since it did not affect the basic structure of her relationship with her.

“She is just there, but you are my number one. These one will come and go, and do not in any way affect the basic structure doctrine. Our relationship still stands firm.”

The man argued that since the girlfriend was with him partly because he is rich, it is perfectly okay for him to have a side chick if his money can afford one more. Besides, that had not affected the financial support he has been giving the girlfriend.

The girlfriend saw the sense in the argument and accepted the new state. She has of late been very quiet, and the man never eats any food without forcing the girlfriend to taste it first.

The basic structure of the relationship is intact, but tension is rising.

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