Kenya to Send 2000 Youths to Help Free Ever Given from the Suez Canal

Kenya has a workable solution to the Suez Canal crisis.

According to a government officer, Kenya youths can be mobilized to help rescue the ship which has been stuck in the canal for five days now.

“We are ready to send 2000 of very able youths to the canal to offload the cargo ship that has been stuck there for a few days now. You only give them Kshs 1,000 allowance a day plus soda and bread. I guarantee you they will offload every one of those containers, push the cargo ship upstream and upload them back.”

The government officer said the youths are ready for deployment at any minute, thanks to the existing joblessness. “We have been sending many others to the Middle East as househelps so the supply chain has been established. Egypt only needs to give us a signal and we will land there in 6 hours.”

The senior government officer says it’s important to utilize the demographic dividend in Africa, and this is something Kenya is keen to exploit.

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