Uhuru forms a Taskforce of 30 Chemical Engineers to Guide on How to Dissolve Parliament

President Uhuru Kenyatta has responded to calls to dissolve Parliament by the Judiciary by stating that he is not aware of any solvent that can dissolve parliament.

Speaking casually after reading Maraga’s letter on Social Media using his parody account, President Kenyatta warned that dissolving parliament is something beyond the ordinary Chemistry and possible solution that can be used is not readily available.

“Dissolving parliament is not as easy as Maraga wants you to believe. It is neither soluble in water and neither is it soluble in alcohol. These are the most common solvents that we have but they may not do the work. I know that Kenyans know that alcohol is always a solution but in this case the solute involved at another level.”

Taskforce of Chemists

The President constituted a taskforce made up of chemical engineers which will investigate the properties of parliament in order to come up with an effective solvent. Already, Parliament has quickly passed a supplementary budget of KShs 27 billion which will be used to fund the operations of the taskforce.

The taskforce is made up of well known scientists, engineers and general citizens who understand chemistry, and not the ordinary chemistry that Instagram users keep talking about. “We have people who are experts in alcohol, methanol, ethanol, isopropanol and other forms of solvents that could prove useful in dissolving parliament.”

Impossible Task

The MPs also added their voice to the issue, saying that it was unfair for the Judiciary to call for the President to dissolve parliament when they have no idea how difficult such a task is. “It is probably the time they started teaching Chemistry in law Schools, because such a request is outrageous.”


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