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After Beyond Zero, Uhuru now Planning to Register for the New York Marathon

President Uhuru Kenyatta made his maiden appearance in athletics when he participated in a 2.6 km race during the Beyond Zero marathon.

Clad in jeans and running slightly slower than a crawling toddler, Uhuru Kenyatta managed to hit the finish line with a personal best time of 30 minutes and 50.1 seconds.

So slow was the speed that pacesetters working with him would take one step forward and two steps backwards in order to keep up with him. This is definitely expected from the man who is already having a hard time running the country.  

With over 25 pace setters, Uhuru ran the 2.6 km race under the slogan no man is limited. He was out to show that any Kenyan can pretend to run, and it is never too late even for the people who have attained a retirement age. The results speak for themselves.

Asked about his next move, the president said that he now plans to participate in something bigger such as participating in the Boston or New York Marathon. The goal is to run the marathon under two days – Breaking 2.

Back to the race, it was even harder for the people running alongside the president to slow down at the finish line so that the president could finish in style. Luckily, the event was not covered by the International media, thus Kenya’s reputation is not at stake.

We interviewed a number of Kenyans and asked them about the new record by the president. Most of them were happy that the president at least tried by participating in the race. Others also assumed that the president was trying out a different career for post 2022, an indication that he will be going into retirement.

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