Shock as Form One Student Threatens to Sue School for Being Denied Access to Social Media

There was panic in one of the top schools in Nairobi as an angry form one student threatened to sue the school after he learnt that he can no longer use social media in school. This is after the student was forced to sign a ‘no mobile phone in school’ clause in the school’s rules and regulations document.

In a Tweet that went viral, the 13 year old Jayden Liam Mwangi threatened to sue when he learnt that the school has ‘zero smartphone usage policy.’

The student, a popular user of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and TikTok said that he was a professional influencer on social media, where he has amassed huge following from all over the world. He said that he was bound to lose a lot of money in the event that he quits social media, something he was unwilling to sacrifice just for mere education.

“I was born in the digital age and Facebook was founded before I was born. Denying me access to social media is like denying teachers access to Books.” He said. “I can’t stomach what these old chaps are doing to our Generation Z.”

The parents seemed agitated by the school’s position, saying that the money the young boy was earning as an influencer is what sustained the family and paid school fees for the boy and other siblings. They said that they would pursue the case up to the Supreme Court, or even to the International Criminal Court. The teachers are still trying to find out what being an influencer means.

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