Ruto and Raila Unite in Hibernation as Covid-19 Threatens Their 2022 Dream

Kenyan politicians with 2022 ambitions have taken a back seat when it comes to Covid-19, and it is reported that their only objective right now is to survive in order to be there in 2022.

Both Raila Odinga and William Ruto have kept a low profile since the outbreak of Covid-19 disease, a stark contrast to what they were doing before Covid-19 struck.

The duo who had been involved in a fierce fight for the control of the nation through the Tangatanga, Kieleweke and BBI activities have suddenly shrunk back, instead resulting to occasional Tweets and press releases from the safety of their homes.

Making matters worse is that both of them are over the age of 50, and male, a demographical that is worst hit by the virus. This means that they are at high risk from Corona virus and there is no option but for them to stay home.

Even their philanthropic activities have suddenly come to an end. With no cameras to capture and with a directive that people avoid using cash, they have found themselves unable to donate anything at a time when the country needs them the most. A ban on public gathering means that their favorite past times of address every small group of people gathered is no more.

When contacted, the two did not want to speak to our reporters directly, but they were heard complaining in the background. “My intention is just to survive and make it to 2022. This is no time for interviews and moving about.”

As soon as Covid-19 is gone, you will see them coming back to tell you how the great leadership of this nation saved you from the pandemic.

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