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Kasarani Mwiki Residents asked to try Farming if Uncomfortable with the Pothole Ridden Road

Residents of Kasarani Mwiki area have been urged to venture into agri-travel by planting trees in the pothole ridden road, even as demonstrations entered the 7th day. 

Speaking to the media, the Cabinet Secretary in charge of roads said that police have been spraying a lot of water on the demonstrators and the only viable outcome of the demonstrations is to plant trees. 

Flagged by his agricultural counterpart, he said, “We do not have a budget to repair that road. All our resources are locked up in BBI and other useless projects. We know the road has been in this state for the last 7 years, but there is no election coming up to warrant making a promise to repair the road.” 

The residents were asked to stop toxic demonstrations and embrace positivity, as the situation was not about to change. “It is a case of making a lemonade out of the lemons that life hands you,” the minister added. “Planting a few crops in the larger than farm potholes will improve the aesthetics of the area, something that could lead to an appreciation of the real estate in the area.”

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