Churches Conveniently Declare a Period of Prayer and Fasting in January

Churches all over Kenya have declared an extended period of prayer and fasting this month, a very convenient move because January economics has everyone skipping meals.

From the big churches to small private churches, Christians were asked to consider either a 3-day, 7 day, or a 21 day of prayer and fasting just as it is the norm in the first month of the year. However, the timing seems just too convenient for most people.

After spending the little money, they had in December and facing the usual 75 days of January, many people have found themselves with no option but to try some fasting in January. Others gained weight over the holidays, and January presents a great chance to get rid of the excess kgs. Fasting comes in handy. For this reasons, millions of Kenyans have heeded the clergy’s call to fast and people are skipping meals. Restaurants have reported diminished business and fast-food joints are having their worst life now, thanks to the churches.  

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