Looming Cabinet Reshuffle Will See Ministry of Hustling Introduced

According to some leaked information from Statehouse Kenya, a cabinet reshuffle is looming and one of the major changes expected will be the introduction of the Ministry of Hustling.

The information which was confirmed by some State House insiders who did not want to be named due to the sensitivity of the matter stated that the reshuffle was meant to give a boost to the BBI initiative which ran into headwinds this week.

In the reshuffle, a new position of the Minister of Hustling will be introduced in order to contain the influence of Deputy President William Ruto in Central Kenya. “The President is responding to the rebellion in his own backyard and he wants to deal with this by mainstreaming the hustler movement into the government.”

Political analysts have argued that the position of the Cabinet Secretary could go to Gideon Moi, a man who just like William Ruto, is Kalenjin, knows poverty, and is currently rich. Last year, Gideon Moi opened up about his life in poverty and his story touched many Kenyans who grew up in poverty.

It is not clear which departments will be under the new Ministry, but it is expected that the Ministry will help address the issues related to hustlers, gig economy, unemployment and BBI matters.

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