Boniface Mwangi offers to teach UoN Students on how to Strike Effectively

Social-political activist Boniface Mwangi has volunteered to offer free striking lessons to the University of Nairobi students, where the complex skill of rioting seems to have been lost.

This follows a string of failed strikes, where all the past 6 strikes seem to benefit the administration more than the students, thus the need to come to the rescue of the great institution of Nairobi.

In his first planned public lecture titled ‘The Lost Art of Striking,’ Mwangi plans to teach comrades on how to strike effectively and achieve maximum impact with minimum casualties.

“We have a generation that is going on strikes with neither an objective, nor a strategy. The end result is no result.” Mwangi said. “I am ashamed that the University which was once an innovative source for striking techniques all over the world has sank to an all-time low where comrades strike at night in the cover of darkness, giving room to rapists and other dark forces to terrorize innocent students.”

“The first rule of striking is courage! You have to do it during the day, in full view of the media. Second, you have to protect the vulnerable, not to let ladies be raped or a few people be victimized by the administration. Third, you need to make your statement in one hour and resume classes as soon as possible, and if you have to burn anything, let it be outside the school gate.”

Mwangi lamented that there is no institution of higher learning in Kenya that is taking leadership and offering strategic guidance on matters to do with protests, strikes and picketing. “What we see currently is an attempt by youngsters to make a statement which always ends up with them becoming the statement.”

The University which was in the news recently for rediscovering the alphabet is expected benefit from the immense experience of Boniface Mwangi in the field of social protest and rioting.

Citizens hope that he will be awarded an honorary degree in the coming graduation for his contribution towards making UoN Great Again.

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