Kenya’s Title Deed Goes Missing

The whereabouts of the Title Deed for the republic of Kenya cannot be ascertained. This is the legal document that shows the size, location and ownership of the piece of real estate that is referred to as Kenya as shown on world maps.

This is a risky situation because without it, Kenya could be transferred to another owner without the knowledge of Kenyans!

In the missing title deed, Kenya is described as a slightly used country in East Africa in fairly good condition that has had one previous owner of European descent. The country is described as full of rhinos, elephants, fools and primitive energy that can be harnessed for agriculture, real estate or wildlife sanctuary.

It is hard to tell who exactly was keeping the Title Deed as both the President and the Deputy President are known to have a very high affinity for land. However, chances are high that the document was used to secure a loan for the country.

It is suspected that the Title Deed could be in the hands of one of the countries or institutions that Kenya owes money, although it is hard to tell which one because the country currently owes everybody possible some money. If this is the case, Kenya’s land risks being auctioned leaving 47.9 million people homeless. It is just a matter of time before evictions start.

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