Rasanga Launches one More Isolation Bed

Siaya Governor Cornel Rasanga launched one more Isolation bed for Covid-19 patients in Siaya County, increasing the total bed capacity in the County by 10%.

In a ceremony that was attended by all the top County Executives, elected leaders, and hundreds of professors from the County, Rasanga said that the new bed marks the greatest increase of hospital capacity in any single county in Kenya in the last 60 days, thus a positive step for Siaya.

During the color filled event which did not cost the county too much money, Rasanga also hit back at critics who had been criticizing Siaya County for having only ten isolation beds. He said that the criticism was based on ignorance and lack of understanding of the Health Policy of the County.

“For a start, ten beds are better than zero beds. You need to look at it from a position of optimism and realize that ten beds mean ten lives saved, as opposed to zero. We need to have a change of mindset and see things as they rightly are.”

“Secondly, having ten beds is the biggest statement of faith that we have near zero tolerance to Covid-19. In Siaya County, we have no room for Corona and there is no way we can have 4000 beds unless if we expect a similar number to contract the disease. Let us not be ignorant.”