Secret Service Switches off WiFi at the White House

The Secret Service has moved in with speed to switch off WiFi at the White House as a precautionary measure against the spread of Covid-19.

The decision to switch off the WiFi was not meant to get the Commander in Chief off Twitter for a while, as many assumed, but it was actually a precautionary measure because scientists do not understand the behavior of the novel coronavirus.

“We are just taking precautions because we do not know what is the effect of WiFi signals on Covid-19 patients. We have heard about some weird relationships between the virus and the 5G signal, and you know that the 5G frequency and the WiFi frequency are closely related.”

With the WiFi off, the senior resident of the White House has frantically been trying to connect to the internet, experimenting using a Bluetooth signal and the NFC but none has worked so far.  This is the longest he has been off Twitter, but it is expected that he has access to the TV.

The news of Donald Trump testing positive for Covid-19 was received with mixed emotions from different quarters. This was the first time that many media houses reported something positive about Trump, and the majority of people are waiting for him to get well so that they can start insulting him again.

We wish Donald Trump and Melania a quick recovery.

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