Kenyan Police to protesters: “We are Here to End Police Brutality Against You”

In a recent “March for our Lives” organized by activists across Nairobi county, the Kenyan police decided it was time to end police brutality once and for all by firing teargas canisters at peaceful protesters.

According to an article by a leading news station, tensions leading to the protests had been brewing for weeks and the stroke that broke the camel’s back could not really be placed. They noted that the police had been very cooperative in giving reports on the matter but the protesters could not be reached for comment.

“We are tired of having to harass innocent citizens. If they really want to put an end to police brutality, they can start by staying home,” said the police spokesperson after he was cornered at the end of the day. “We are tired of engaging in running battles with young people who are more fit and make more sense than us. We really want a truce.”

The willingness of the police to acknowledge their unnecessary use of force was a step in the right direction and they were willing to do whatever it takes to ensure the protesters knew they were willing to keep their word.
While dragging a protester into an unmarked pickup truck, one police officer acknowledged that this was the last time they had to do this if the protesters were willing to end their unwarranted provocations against them.

They made no comments about innocent estate shootings and witness disappearances.

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