Democrats Test Negative for Sympathy

The senior most resident of the White House – a morbidly obese 74-year-old white male – tested positive for Covid-19 and you would expect the world to show utmost sympathy.

Well, it would be a little too ambitious to expect the whole world to show sympathy because nothing good for Donald Trump can come from North Korea. Terrorists and generally above average bad people would want him dead.

But there is one group that shown no mercy to the sick old man – the Democrats.

The people who are passionate about ants, trees, homeless cats and even fried chicken have shown little mercy for Trump, with many just falling a few millimeters shy of asking the doctors to try using the magical drug cyanide to treat Trump.

“We wish the virus all the best,” said one very ethical Democrat. “Our thoughts and prayers are with the virus and and we pray that it will finish the job.”

Since the news broke that Donald Trump had tested positive, Democrats continue to pray that the virus will finish the job and leave him dead for sure. However, it could be an exercise in futility considering most of them do not believe in the supernatural.

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