Jobless Doctor in Kenya Using Curfew Pass to Terrorize People at Night

A unemployed doctor in Kenya is suspected to be behind a string of robberies that have been happening in Nyeri town at night in spite of a dusk to dawn curfew that is in place.

This follows a series of robbery incidences that have baffled the security bodies in Nyeri, although no one has been arrested for the same. The police have been doing massive patrols within the town but so far, they have not come across anybody moving around carrying bulky goods during the curfew hours.

However, it is now emerging that the robberies could have been carried out by a jobless doctor who is utilizing his curfew pass to move around at night and steal from people, then drive away with goods under the watch of clueless policemen.

The police have been interacting with many medics coming from or going to work, but no one would suspect that some were involved in crime. “It has always been a perfect picture of a doctor in a white lab coat, wearing a surgical mask and a stethoscope hanging from his neck, and driving an old station wagon. We never bother to check what is in their cars because we assume that they are tired after a busy day of saving lives,” said the Nyeri OCPD.

However, a bizarre incidence has made the detectives to narrow down on the suspect. A family that was robbed on Wednesday at midnight said that the single robber was armed with syringes containing a green substance, and was wearing a face mask as well as white gloves with stains of blood. The thief also seemed to be a bit confused and issued unintelligible commands, the same way doctors write.

This revelation has made the police conclude that the thief is a jobless doctor who is taking advantage of the curfew to do what his medical degree has failed to do for him. Once arrested, they have promised to force him to work at a quarantine center without pay.

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