Murder Victims not showing up for Court Hearings – ODPP

The Office of the Director of Public Prosecution in Kenya has has expressed frustration that murder victims are not showing up to testify against their murderers, making it hard to secure convictions.

In a series of tweets and rants on social media, the office said murdered people need to appear in court to testify, or at least, record a statement that will be used to convict the murderer.

“Most murdered people are not showing up to testify. It is extremely hard for us to secure a convictions without them identifying the murderer. We cannot rely on CCTV footage and other unofficial records.”

“The burden of proof is in them. As you know, every murderer is presumed innocent until proven poor. The victims must testify unless their killer is poor.”

The new development calls for people to choose their murderers wisely, since rich murderers are harder to convict. “If you are to get shot, let it be by a poor man because they are easier to convict even if you are absent. For a rich man, or a politician, we will need you to come and testify. This applies even if you are dead.”

The ball is now on Kenyans’ court to choose their murderers wisely.


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