Alex Ndiritu to Appear in Money Heist Season 5

Alex Ndiritu, a Kenyan man who hails from Nyeri County is set to appear on Money Heist Season 5.

Alex who hit the headlines of social media platforms after he single handedly spearheaded a riot in the US right from his bedsitter in Nyeri is said to have received several phone calls from major movie platforms including Netflix and CBS, bidding for him to appear in their movies.
After consultation from his lawyers, he finally settled for Money Heist – a loved Spanish drama series.

At first, Alex was hesitant since he is not into acting and has never even watched the series. He felt like the request was an insult to his humanitarian work around the world, and an attempt to make it appear like he is after fame. However, after learning about the amount of money that actors in the series make, he decided to spare some time and appear in the series.

The professor in the series gave a statement to Postamate, calling Alex a great mind that they are glad would be joining them.

We look forward to the anticipated season.

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