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Moses Wetangula Forced to Give Away part of his Family

The social distancing measures and a ban on public gatherings being enforced in an attempt to control the spread of Covid-19 is already having some serious unintended consequences. So far, Kenyans have started to hoard some weird goods while a Bank Teller was arrested for carrying money home in order to work from home.

But there is one man who has borne the blunt of it all. After the ban of large public gathering was declared, Moses Wetangula was forced to give up part of his family so as to comply with the order as it was already in bleach of public gathering limitations.

The politician from Kenya who has several wives, 314 children, 108 grandchildren and hundreds of affiliated people all under one roof was a direct victim of the ban as the government stated that anything that involves more than ten people is a public gathering.

“Any meeting of more than ten people will not be allowed,” said the minister of health. “This includes some specific families that exist as political rallies due to their large numbers.”

Following the directive, Wetangula was forced to donate most of his children and grandchildren to relatives all over the country, although this was a hard task considering that most of them also have a big number of children.

He urged the government to give him more time as this was not an easy task to carry out in a single lifetime.

At the time of going to the press, most of the children are still in his house and he was frantically making calls to friends and relatives all over the country.

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