Kenyans Stock Up and Hoard Ginger, Lemon, Garlic and Honey as Lockdown Looms

The ingenuity of Kenyans has now come to light following the outbreak of Covid-19 all over the world. As Americans and Australians scramble for toilet paper rolls, Kenyans have rushed to stockpile ginger, garlic, lemon and honey; the raw materials for a concoction that has been used to treat respiratory conditions for ages.

In what appears to be a grocery race, Kenyans are flooding their local groceries and snapping up every piece of the four items, creating a shortage that is being felt all over the world. The build up of huge volumes of those ingredients in Kenyan homes is already leaving the world dangerously exposed in the age of corona virus.

The government is now warning Kenyans that the well-known concoction is not a cure for Covid-19, and they should follow all the recommended practices to stay safe. “Once Kenyans saw the symptoms of Corona Virus, they knew exactly what to do,” said the CS in charge of internal security. “We are now facing a run for ginger and garlic, destabilizing the world supply.”

Gangs and Cartels

The scarcity has also led to emergence of ginger and garlic gangs and cartels that are now fighting for the control of the lucrative market, with many of them being former drug dealers. The fight for the ingredients is already getting dirty as reported in a various part of the country.

In Soko Mjinga, two garlic lords crashed over a consignment of white garlic that had been smuggled into Kenya from Ethiopia. Elsewhere, a honey heist was carried out in Kitui County, where hundreds of beehives were raided and both the honey and the bees stolen.

China has already issued a travel ban against several grocery gang leaders from Kenya who are said to be sitting on a pile of cash.

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