Raila Odinga to Donate his Free Time to Covid-19 Emergency Fund

The Covid-19 Emergency Response Fund has received a major boost after the People’s President of the Republic of Kenya Hon Raila Odinga announced that he is going to donate all his free time to help Kenyans deal with the adverse effects of Covid-19.

Speaking during the handing over of the donation at the Fund’s secretariat, the Former Prime Minister said that the focus of the government was on helping Kenya navigate the tough economic conditions occasioned by the pandemic. Although he admitted that times had been rough even without corona, he said that he was keen on helping Kenyans successfully navigate these tough times using all resources at his disposal.

“I am giving away all my free time to ensure that Kenyans are able to put food on their table during these times. I also call upon all other leaders in Kenya to follow suit, and those in business to donate money to ensure that Kenyans pull through the pandemic.”

Receiving the donation, the Fund Chairperson Jane Karuku said that the move by the Retired Prime Minister was timely and very much appreciated, and termed it as largest non-corporate donation to the fund. “We know that time is money, and what Hon Raila is doing is basically putting money into the hands of Kenyans who need it most.”

More politicians are expected to come forward and donate all their free time to the fund. In absence of BBI meetings, church harambees and random roadside rallies, they have found themselves with nothing to do and their time has little economic value.

The situation is worsened by the fact that the politicians and senior government appointees are at the highest risk of suffering from severe Covid-19, as their median age is three times higher than that of average Kenyans. This has confined most of them to their houses with nothing to do, with focus now being on staying alive until 2022.

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