Police Break into Dance as Cessation of Movement Jackpot Opens

Kenya Police officers in the five counties of Nairobi, Nakuru, Machakos, Kiambu and Kajiado counties broke into song and dance after Uhuru increased their salaries and allowances through the cessation of movement order. The men tasked with maintaining law and order will from tomorrow start collecting additional allowances once they start enforcing the cessation of […]


Kenyans Miss Run-in with the Police, want Curfew Reverted to 7PM.

Roughly a week after the 7PM to 5AM curfew was expanded to 9PM, Kenyans have expressed their dismay with the revised curfew hours. Word on the street is that people are too calm with citizens reportedly bored by the lack of excitement when it’s time to go home. They miss living on the edge, the […]


Jobless Doctor in Kenya Using Curfew Pass to Terrorize People at Night

A unemployed doctor in Kenya is suspected to be behind a string of robberies that have been happening in Nyeri town at night in spite of a dusk to dawn curfew that is in place. This follows a series of robbery incidences that have baffled the security bodies in Nyeri, although no one has been […]