US to Ban All Public Schools to Curb Mass Shootings

A section of US legislators has a magic wand to end school shootings once and for all. Following a deadly shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvale, Texas, politicians have come together to bring an end to this daily occurrence in the United States. The radical proposal involves a ban on all public schools in […]


Grandma Thwarts Home Break-in Attempt with Cooking Oil and Hot Water

Lao Tzu was right. There is no greater danger than underestimating your opponent. Some robbers in Kenya learnt this the hard way. Six armed robbers met their match when an attempt to break into a house were thwarted by a 91-year-old granny in Eldoret, Kenya. The men who are believed to be part of a […]


Police Demand Justice for their Colleague whose Phone was Snatched on Duty

Police officers in Kenya have asked the government to bring to justice the thieves who snatched a mobile phone from a police officer while on duty in Nairobi. Speaking to the Media, several police officers said that the state of insecurity was on the rise and it was making it hard for them to do […]


“Hiring out Guns and Uniforms to Criminals is like any other Side Hustle” – Kenya Police

The Kenya Police Service is once again trending after reports showed that Police Officers were hiring out guns and uniforms to criminals. Kenyans were shocked to learn that the people who arrest them, purporting to be police officers, are actually criminals who hire guns and inform from the police. The criminals get the tools to […]


Stealing from a Muhindi Not Necessarily a Crime in Nairobi

Stealing from any person of Indian descent may not be a crime, according to some well-known traditions of Kenya. This is the fate which many Indians in Nairobi have to endure because while stealing is generally evil (except when done from or by the government), no one feels guilty when they steal from a ‘Muhindi’ […]


Crime Rate in Lagos Falls Drastically after Police go on Strike

Lagos city of Nigeria has seen a sharp decline in crime rate after law enforcement officers went on strike, raising questions on the role of police in causing crime. For two weeks now, cases of muggings, robbery with violence, break-ins and the regular kidnappings have dropped to near zero. Even the aggressive drivers who are […]


Nairobi Named Richest City in Africa after Number of Laptops Stolen Everyday Increases to 228

Nairobi has reclaimed the top spot as the richest city in Africa after the number of laptops stolen everyday increased to 228. In the statistics that were released by a consortium of city policing departments in Africa, Nairobi tops all other African cities in laptop theft, a good indicator of wealth. So rich is the […]

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Interpol Names Juja a ‘Global Cyber-crime Hotspot’

The International Criminal Police Organization is raising concern that a little known town in the outskirts of Nairobi, Juja, is quickly becoming a global hub for cybercrime activities. The report that was released by Interpol says that a huge number of cyber attacks have been launched from Juja, targeting both Kenyan and the International institutions. […]


Jobless Doctor in Kenya Using Curfew Pass to Terrorize People at Night

A unemployed doctor in Kenya is suspected to be behind a string of robberies that have been happening in Nyeri town at night in spite of a dusk to dawn curfew that is in place. This follows a series of robbery incidences that have baffled the security bodies in Nyeri, although no one has been […]